How to Read More & Faster

How to read more and faster

Hello Everyone!

I’m Britt and today I want to talk about reading – and more specifically, how to read more and faster.

Do you feel like you really want to read, but can’t seem to find the time? And when you do read, you feel like it’s just going SO slow?

Well, I’m going to give you some tips on how to read more and faster that really work for me! Let’s start.

How to read More:

  1. Evaluate your schedule – especially the evening part. Most people have time in the evening they’re just not using efficiently. Watching tv mindlessly, or binge-watching (…). I mean, I get you, but when you have an entire evening to fill in and you want to read books, it’s really about making time. So plan a moment – half an hour even – to just read. Of course you could plan that half an hour in the morning, but you get the point. If you want to read – THEN read. It’s a choice.
  1. Read before you go to sleep. Put away your phone in the evening earlier than usual. This doesn’t need to be an hour, even starting with 15 minutes is amazing. Reading before you go to sleep will decrease the time you’ll need to fall asleep (eyes get tired) – at least for me – and you’ll have a nice story to think about and forget about life’s stresses for a while.
  2. Do it consistently for over 2 months. It takes around 66 days for the average person to turn it into a habit. This depends on the person however, so try to do it consistently for 2 months and welcome your new habit.
  3. Bring a book with you everywhere you go. This is something I almost always do. It is amazing and I always thanks myself for bringing a book in the moments I feel bored. It’s great for filling the dead spots in life instead of being on your phone for example, or stare into the distance doing nothing.


How to read Faster:

  1. Quit books you don’t like. Do not make yourself finish books you’re not getting into. Yes, maybe it’s a bit early to quit when you’re only 10 pages in. But when you’re around page 30-50 and you aren’t enjoying the book, please let yourself quit. If you let yourself quit and instead read books you like – even better, LOVE – you’re going to read 1000x faster than when you’re reading books you can’t get into.
  1. This might seem contradictory – but when you read in the evening or when you’re tired, you’ll obviously read slower. So again, bring a book everywhere you go and try to read as much as possible during the day.
  2. If you read more, you’re training yourself to read faster. This means that if you apply all of the tips that I mentioned at the read More section, you’ll be good!


I really hope that these tips will work for you, and that YOU will also work for these tips. It’s not enough to just try these tips, you should put energy in to make them work!

And I am sure, that once you work hard on trying to read more and faster, you will definitely do that! And I mean; reading, it’s just the best thing in the world!


Lots of Love,


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How to read more and faster

How to read More and Faster.

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